Provisional Timetable

Course hours – UK time

14:00 – 17:00

Subject to permission from the speakers, lectures will be recorded and made available to registered participants for the duration of the course and for a short time after it has concluded. This will allow you to catch up on any lectures you are unable to attend and also provide a backup in case of connection problems.

WEDNESDAY – September 1st


David Ogden

Channel evolution and electrical excitability:  Research at the MBA

Colin Brownlee

The squid and its giant nerve fibre – Squid axon voltage clamp


THURSDAY – September 2nd

Voltage clamp methods:  Two microelectrode clamp – Single electrode ‘switch’ clamp

Vincenzo Marra, Sandy Harper, Alasdair Gibb, Jon Robbins

FRIDAY – September 3rd

Patch clamp methods:  High resolution single channel recording – Whole cell recording – Permeabilised patch recording

David Ogden, Boris Barbour, Marco Beato, Stephanie Schorge, Karri Lamsa

MONDAY – September 6th

Data analysis and interpretation:  Single channel analysis – Whole cell clamp analysis – Interpretation and Statistics

Lucia Sivilotti, David Colquhoun, John Dempster

TUESDAY – September 7th

Bilayer recording and intracellular channels 

Samantha Pitt

Dynamic Conductance Clamp

Stephen Brickley

WEDNESDAY – September 8th

Ion selective Microelectrodes:  Making ISMEs, Electrochemistry of solution

Lydie Vargova, Juha Voipio

THURSDAY – September 9th

Extracellular recording

Clement Lena

Multielectrode arrays

FRIDAY – September 10th

Microscope optics, Fluorescence microscopy and Cameras

Brad Amos, Noah Russell, Jeremy Graham

MONDAY – September 13th

Fluorescent Ca indicators. Organic and GECI indicators

Martin Thomas, Katalin Torok

TUESDAY – September 14th

Optical imaging of membrane potential

Marco Canepari


David Ogden

WEDNESDAY – September 15th

Virus transfection methods

Jon Bradley

Optogenetic stimulation and inhibition

James Dillon

THURSDAY – September 16th

Electrical and optical recording of secretion and Endocytosis

Liz Seward, Tom Carter

FRIDAY – September 17th

Single cell cardiovascular physiology

Rich Rainbow

Whole cell recording in vivo and neuronal tracing

Troy Margrie