Electrophysiology & Imaging

a virtual Plymouth Workshop

September 1st to 17th

Microelectrode Techniques for Cell Physiology

is a ‘Hands-On’ practical Workshop started in 1984 to teach technical aspects of microelectrode and patch clamp recording. It now teaches optical imaging and microscopy as well. It has run every year since with a total 690 PhD and post-Doc students from UK and overseas.

37th Edition will be Online

The 30 lectures and demonstrations normally given in the ‘hands-on’ version will be given on-line due to Covid-19. Zoom Webinar will likely be used to broadcast the course. Applications to join open on 1 August. There is no fee but will require applicant details and sponsorship from lab head.


·   Voltage clamp and patch clamp.

·   Two microelectrode clamp. Single electrode switch clamp.

·   Single channel recording. Whole cell patch clamp.

·   Permeabilised patch. Brain slice recording.

·   Ion selective microelectrodes. Dynamic clamp.

·   Cardiac myocytes. Molluscan neurons. Tunicate oocytes.

Imaging & Photometry

·   Ca and pH indicators. Ratiometric recording.

·   Ester loading. Microinjection.

·   Photolysis and Optogenetics

·   Virus and transgene methods.

·   Imaging Membrane potential.


Instrumentation & Analysis

·   Electronics and Amplifiers

·   Circuits

·   Data acquisition and analysis.

·   Interpretation. Statistics.


The course starts on September 1st